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Meat snack sample packOur alligator meat snacks are made with pride in approved USDA processing facilities, inspected and passed by the USDA. Obtaining USDA inspections and seal requires the minimum addition of 3% pork, beef or poultry. Alligator Bob chose to add at least 5% pork that is 95% lean to protect the low-fat integrity of alligator meat. It also achieves proper binding and forming of the products, and preserves the moisture content while enhancing the delicate flavor of alligator. But be assured that our alligator meat snacks contain no fillers or animal fat additives. They all meet or exceed Federal Food Safety and Labeling regulations as an all-lean alligator cuisine.

As well as convenience stores and tourist shops, Alligator Bob's Gourmet Alligator meat snacks are used and displayed at gourmet food stores throughout Florida. They're also enjoyed by increasing numbers of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for their convenient, high nutritional value which one day will make them the "Snack Of Champions" sm.

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